Graham Berridge Jamie Marshall Mark Robinson Sarah Howard David Fettes

Entries judged collectively by judges from each category

Grand Prize: Overall Winner

What are you exactly?

by Ibrahim Roushdi

Our judge said: This is a clever image taken in a split second to capture a very special moment. Well framed and composed; the expression in the bird's eyes, of surprise and annoyance that the photographer was there, in its way - or is it just curious and puzzled; well exposed; the bird's feet, almost as if it is braking in the water on seeing the photographer. A difficult image and a very quick moment captured and frozen in time. Well done - 'absolutely amazing' swung me in the end.

What are you exactly? by Ibrahim Roushdi

Highly Commended

Torres del Paine

by Paul Lambeth

Our judges said: It was a tough call and after a lot of deliberation we felt that the attributes of this image kept bringing us back to it again and again, from the tonal range in the sky with the sun creeping through the thick clouds, to the various points of interest that have your eyes darting between peaks at the definition from the early morning light. The high aperture at lower levels of light provides both detail throughout the image as well as the pre-planning to get it right. What we are left with is this beautiful landscape shot that would sit at home both in a glossy table top magazine or a canvas hung on a wall.

Torres del Paine by Paul Lambeth

Thanks for Today

by Indra Widi

Our judge said: From an outstanding batch of entries, the final shortlist included some stunning imagery from every corner of the globe. After a great deal of agony, I settled for this mesmerizing monochrome image. The fishing net draws us into the scene the way it would haul in a catch, leading up to three shadowy figures, whose tasks are identifiable, yet their faces not. Exposing the sky, full of high, wispy clouds, the form of the subjects yield crisp and bold shapes thrown into silhouette. A good choice of wide-angle lens set at a small aperture has pulled the nets in the foreground also into sharp focus, the sun ricocheting off the textured nylon. In short, an excellent choice of subject, perspective, lens, exposure and aperture combine to capture an enigmatic and powerful photograph.

Thanks for Today by Indra Widi

Cuban cars & cigars

by Dougie Garden

Our judge said: Dougie has managed to combine all those iconic elements of Cuban life – the Buick parked in a side street, a portrait of a local happily toking on his freshly rolled cigar, the vivid architecture – and turn what could be clichés into a fresh, atmospheric snapshot of local colour and life. The image's composition uses the angle of the road to help draw the viewer into the scene.

Cuban cars & cigars by Dougie Garden